What the audience said

My party adored your production and could find no fault at all with it. We thought the standard of the singers was wonderfully high; their acting ability was splendid; the sets were amusing and successful; the acoustic was astonishingly good; the orchestra was excellent; the front of house staff were all friendly and helpful.

What a delightful atmosphere you do create in Bampton. we were thrilled that the performance was held outside, having resigned ourselves to the idea that it might not be.

We went to the pre performance talk, which was fascinating. I find it a pure delight to be exposed to operas which do not make it to the general repertoire. I also think it is lovely that the ticket prices make opera like this affordable to almost anyone.

I was so grateful for the effort and imagination and immense time devoted to the opera by yourselves and by your singers. You make a difference in the world by offering what you do.