Amahl and the Night Visitors



Amahl and the Night Visitors

Opera in One Act
Words and music by Gian-Carlo Menotti


Amahl Felix Gillingwater
Mother Emma Stannard
Kaspar Nick Sales
Melchoir Samuel Pantcheff
Balthazar Robert Winslade Anderson
Page Xavier Hetherington
Condictor Anthony Kraus
Director Jeremy Gray



Gian-Carlo Menotti’s much-loved Christmas opera was commissioned in America by the National Broadcasting Company and was broadcast in 1951 - the first-ever opera composed specifically for television.  Inspired by Hieronymous Bosch’s painting of The Adoration of the Magi, Menotti said that it “is an opera for children because it tries to recapture my own childhood”.

Amahl, a poor widow’s son, who can only walk with the help of a crutch, is amazed one evening to see a huge star hovering over their house.  Three regally dressed strangers arrive and seek shelter for the night.  For Amahl, these wondrous events lead to a miraculous healing and his own long journey to follow the star.